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Zombie Ants...Thats how it starts Fungus takes over ants brains and turns them into doomed taxis.

"This potentially means thousands of zombie fungi in tropical forests across the globe await discovery," he said. "We need to ramp up sampling—especially given the perilous state of the environment."

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Posted By: Virginia
03/04/11 11:12 AM

In the very beginning of the book Breaking the Spell by Dennett he discusses the ant / parasite relationship and compares it to how religion does this same thing in humans, it's a virus of the mind. So in a sense most humans are zombies.

Posted By: Michael
03/04/11 02:24 PM

id rather have the fungus
Posted By: Virginia
03/04/11 03:09 PM

why not, can't be worse then MRSA
Posted By: Michael
03/04/11 05:48 PM

ouch. MRSA...your own personal jesus.
Posted By: Dylan
03/05/11 01:02 PM

Ants seem to be the most common victims of these crazy fungi. Is it because ants tend to produce thousands of genetically identical individuals per colony, which allows the fungus to adapt to their immune system? We need an ant geneticist to explain this to me.
Posted By: Virginia
03/06/11 03:08 AM

ants are so fascinating. Their genetic similarities allow them to achieve this amazing level of altruism that in some ways is far more complex then seen in humans. Recently I read a story about just how altruistic ants can be. A scientist set up a situation in which he tied up an ant to the ground much like you would a dog. He then observed how the ant's sisters would react when they found their fellow comrade bound to the floor. As the ants stumbled upon their kin they did just as any human would do, they attempted to remove the bind and free their friend. On the other hand, the homologous nature of the ants also causes them to be easy targets to potentially dangerous parasitic creatures. Catch 22.
Posted By: Michael
03/28/11 05:09 PM


more zombie ants...this time its fly larva controlling them.