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What does Beta mean and how long will be in it?
Beta is a fancy schmancy technical term that means: We do not want to take any responsibility for the quality of our software at this time. Idiotechnica will always be in beta.
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A Musical Transcription: New London Choir to Sing their Own Genetic Code The New London Chamber Choir are to perform a piece "Allele" on July 13th in which the members of the choir will each sing their own genetic code.

The piece is the result of a collaboration between scientist Andrew Morley and composer Michael Zev Gordon. The inspiration came from a yet-to-be-published experiment designed by Morley wherein the choir members had their DNA sequenced to see if great singers can be distinguished from other members of society on a genetic level.

The genetic codes were then translated into sheet music and make up the basis of the choir piece.

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