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Posts: General / Call of Shinebox Acoustic

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Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
Call of Shinebox Acoustic
11/08/11 01:58 AM

I couldnt manage that other mix. My computer starting choking on it...lack of CPU, lack of RAM, lack of TALENT.

Anyways. I Threw this together in a few hours yesterday.  This singer chick I know has a copy. Shes working on some harmonies that will most likely be better than mine.

Call of Shinebox Acoustic

Post ID: 9653

Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
11/08/11 09:57 PM

actually heres a better mix.

it has like a really subtle analog synth bass underneath. kind of breathes some life into it i think.

Call of Shinebox Remix

Post ID: 9656

Dylan Post Author Photo: Dylan
11/09/11 06:02 PM

Do you have a harmony track in there or is that the autotune at work? 

I can imagine this being played as the first song at the nerdiest wedding in history.

Do you ever record something and thing "yeah, that's not half bad!"  at which time you listen to the recording and it makes you cringe? Yeah, I just did that!  

 I think I would prefer sounding like an 80's wedding singer than my current 12 year old Hanson-wanna-be voice. Maybe I should take up smoking.
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Dylan Post Author Photo: Dylan
11/09/11 06:04 PM

Isn't recording music much more fun than playing video games?  The only difference is a video game usually makes me feel like a hero at the end, whereas recording makes me feel like a talentless twit. 
Post ID: 9665

Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
11/09/11 06:32 PM

Not counting the 2 vocals in the outro, there are 2 vocal lines in that mix, a melody and a harmony. the melody is recorded twice.  I only put the autuner on the primary melody the doubled track doesnt have it.  The falsetto voice you hear that sounds like a chick singing along with the melody is actually feedback from an auxilary delay. I was annoyed at first cause i knew i didnt do it intentionally. took me a while to track it down to the delay too...easing the feedback down some fixed the issue, but ultimately i decided to leave it in.

I also had a gate on the vocals that i had set too high and its eating s's and x's.

It turned shinebox into shinebaaaah.  Goats love it!

I already fixed that but i havent remixed it yet.  I think its a catchy song, but i've heard it about 1000 times in the last 2 days and im getting shinebox fatigue.

I like recording sometimes. sometimes i dont want to but i have a good idea that i know if i dont get down it will be lost. then othertimes i just record a quicky track to get it down so ill remember but then im like fuck it, im here, im doing it, so just make it.

I listen to a lot of my old stuff and Im like...yeah i wouldnt put my name to it now, but i still hear good stuff in it too.  A lot of what i didnt like is just mistakes that I was too impatient to fix.  I have way more patience and way less tolerance for mistakes than I did 10 years ago.  I attribute it to discipline from coding, but it bleeds over.  The bitch of that is when you know theres nothing more you could have done, but it still isnt any good.   Thats why i have to rely on catchy lyrics...dont want anyone listening to the actual music.  Pinstripes! They cant stop looking at the pinstripes!

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