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Posts: Video Games / Marvel Pinball

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Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
Marvel Pinball
03/28/11 02:46 AM

I downloaded the demo and liked it enough to buy it from the playstation store.  the full version was only 10 bucks and has 4 tables. 

Ive always loved pinball and pinball simulators that didnt suck. 

once you turn off the speed blur effect on the ball, this simulator is pretty realistic.

Post ID: 9095

Dylan Post Author Photo: Dylan
03/30/11 09:22 AM

Are there leaderboards/friendboards?   If so I'm in, and you will be destroyed.

Post ID: 9109

Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
04/01/11 01:09 AM


Are there leaderboards/friendboards?   If so I'm in, and you will be destroyed.

yes there are leaderboards plus you get a combined team rating for people on your friends list (can you say 'lets see if we can get people to convince their friends to buy this?')

so by all mean...bring it.  my high score in spiderman is currently 98 million. i havent really played the other boards much.  my scores ranking is like 1500.  the number 1 ranked guy has 2 billion... while it seems possible i cant help but be skeptical.

Post ID: 9114

Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
04/04/11 04:23 PM

current spiderman pinball high score = 158 million

Post ID: 9170