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Posts: Video Games / Mortal Kombat Demo - PS3

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Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
Mortal Kombat Demo - PS3
03/24/11 09:45 PM

I downloaded and played the new mortal kombat demo. its pretty much old skool mortal kombat with a better graphics engine.  The demo lets you play as scorpion, sub zero, johnny cage or mileena and gives you 4 matches playing each of these characters as well.  it seems to have all the classic moves with some new ones added in, but i didnt like that my old combos wouldnt work. like with olden days sub zero, you could kick someone out of the air and immediately slide into them. in this one, the same combo just sends you sliding past them leaving you vunerable after they get up.  putting together combos that werent preprogrammed macros was the coolest thing about the first mortal kombats.  preprogrammed combo chains is what ruined the arcade fighting genre for me in the first place.  I cant imagine id ever pay full price for this, but im sure in a couple of years, if i see it on the used game shelf at gamestop for 20$ or less, id snag it up.  

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